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If you or your company have a website, you are probably aware of the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is the use of tools like backlinks, content writing, keywords, page speed and URL structure to draw both people and search engines to your website. If you don’t have any experience in SEO, then you need a qualified consultant to help you. Freelance SEO Manchester consultant Toni Marino can work with you on SEO methods to bring traffic to your site and keep it coming back.


Toni is an award-winning and Google certified consultant that has brought many of his clients to the first page of Google search results, which is a desired goal if you want your website to be seen. He has over seven years’ experience working as an SEO consultant. Toni works one on one with his clients to bring the fastest and best results to save your company both money and time. He is experienced in web development and online marketing. Toni understands that people and search engines look for different things when searching for websites. People are looking for information and search engines look at data. His technical SEO experience allows him to set your website up, so it is user and search engine friendly.


Toni will also help draw traffic to your website by setting up appropriate backlinks and through content management. Once your website is SEO friendly, he will use social media marketing to help draw in even more traffic. If you are outside of the Manchester area, Toni is also a freelance SEO Liverpool consultant.