Steinreinigung – Complete overview

If you have stone surfaces at your home, whether indoors or outdoors you know that they can get very dirty and sometimes be difficult to clean. Stone and roof terraces, as well as roofs are the same way. However, when properly cleaned and treated these surfaces can last for several years and further damage can be prevented. If you live in Germany, then you will need to look for a reliable and professional stonemason company that provides Steinreinigung, or stone cleaning services.

There is a stone cleaning company in Germany that provides services to several German cities including Ausburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and more. They clean and treat indoor and outdoor stone surfaces. They will clean artificial, natural and paving stones. They also clean brick and concrete. If your surfaces are damaged to the point that even an advanced cleaning cannot make them look new, this company can provide restoration to the surface. They will clean and treat your stone terraces and have them look better than new. They can also clean your roof, and protect it, helping it to last for up to 30 years.


The company, SteinRein, was created by a German stonemason in 2011. The stonemason, Tobias Lepschy worked alone in his business for a few years and only cleaned and treated natural stone surfaces. Today, SteinRein has partnered with other companies including other stonemasons and builders, pavers and roof cleaners. They provide service throughout most of Germany. Visit their website to learn more today.